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Toptal is today's the best freelancing site and a network of top 3% developers in the world. Different freelancers have different view towards Toptal; some take Toptal as the best freelancing site while some others take Toptal as a tough challenge.


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Toptal as the best freelancing site

For the talented and highly skilled developers and designers, Toptal is the best place to utilize their knowledge and brain. Getting approved in Toptal is not easy job, but to those developers who are talent enough can be approved without much difficulty.

The jobs and projects posted in Toptal are comparatively highly professional types and the compensation provided will be comparatively very high. The hourly rate of the developers in Toptal is very high in comparison to the rate in other freelancing sites.
In the other hand, the security of freelancers' earning is highly secured in Toptal as those freelancers are also the important part of Toptal. Also, as the top talents in Toptal, they get a good fame. So, Toptal is the best freelancing site to those who are talent enough to get approved in Toptal.

Toptal as a tough challenge

Toptal has a tough screening/interview process because of which Toptal is known as a tough challenge by freelancers specially to those who cannot pass the interview process. The main objective of applying tough interview process and approve only top 3% developers in toptal is to get the top talents so that they can identify the best and Toptal can be the network of great problems solver.

The Toptal screening process consists of four steps; Language & Personality, In-Depth Skill Review, Live Screening, Test Projects and Continued Excellence. To get approved in Toptal as the top talent, one should have perfect English writing, reading and speaking skill, technical knowledge, problem-solving ability, communication skill, thoroughness, professionalism, etc.
Because of the screening process, people find Toptal as a tough challenge.

In this way different freelancers take Toptal as the best freelancing site or best place for high earning and as a tough challenge. I hope this article was helpful for you, don't forget to leave feedback.
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