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What is Toptal?

Toptal is the growing network of top 3% developers in the world connecting them with clients all over the world. Toptal was founded in 2010 by Taso Du Val and Breanden Beneschott. For both freelancers and clients, Toptal is the best and most secured place for freelancing and outsourcing. 

Getting started with Toptal

You can join Toptal either as a freelancer or a client. If you are talented and experienced developer who can be a tough problem solver join as freelancer and proceed to the further process and if you are a company/employer looking for top talent to hire then join as client.
For getting started with Toptal follow one of the following posts:

Getting started with Toptal as a Freelancer

Getting started with Toptal as an Employer/Client

Getting Approved in Toptal:

Toptal is a very tough freelancing site to get approved as a freelancer while for clients it is not much hard to get approved. We’ll talk about them separately:

Getting Approved in Toptal as a Client/Company:

After signing up to Toptal as a client, you will be called by Toptal specialist engineer through which your level of English language speaking will be judged and if they found your English clear & understanding, you’ll be proceed for further process and a poor English may lead towards rejection in Toptal. Your account must be reliable and you should provide detailed information about your company and the type of employees you are looking for.
If your information is found worthy, you’ll be approved in Toptal and can hire top talents of the Toptal. Actually, approval is counted after hiring Toptal’s top talents. In this way, you can get approved in Toptal as a company/client. If you are really looking for top talents over the internet, you must join Toptal today.

Getting Approved in Toptal as a Freelancer:

For freelancers, getting approved in Toptal isn’t really easy. You’ll need to go through various processes like English screening, coding challenge, coding exercise with shared screen and a test project. The various interview process or screening process of Toptal for freelancers include following steps:

1.Language & Personality

In this step, a call will be scheduled with the Toptal engineering specialist where your language comprehension, your personality and your communication skill will be tested. Candidates must have excellent command over English language to pass this step and must be able to show a good personality in the first call. This is a basic step for a basic purpose, but also more than 70% of applicants have fails to pass.

2.In-Depth Skill Review

In-Depth Skill Review is second step in toptal screening process where, applicant's skill, technical knowledge and problem-solving ability are checked. In this step, candidates will be asked to do certain coding task to show their talent. Here, applicants can take help from internet to solve problems as their screen isn't shared. This is technical step moving towards technical knowledge, however not the most tough step.

3.Live Screening

In this step, applicants that have passed above two steps will be provided with specific live coding exercises. You'll be asked either to give test on back end problems or front end problems, here you'll get problems called real life problems which you need to solve with specific technology. This is called the most tough step too as candidate's screen is shared with certified Toptal Engineers and cheating is almost impossible in this step.

4.Test projects

This step is specifically followed to know the interest, competencies and professionalism of candidates. Here, they'll need to complete a project within some days or weeks and show demo of it and illustrate to interviewer. For experienced developers, this is a common step however you need to be careful as you've passed with the hardest steps and you don't want to ruin here.

If you pass the above last step too, the interviewer will welcome you to the Toptal, to let you know that you’re approved. After approval also, be careful while tracking time, or simply follow the terms and conditions made during contraction or agreement so that your account will not be banned. 

In this way, one can get approved in Toptal as a freelancer or as a client. I hope, I became able to make you clear about the topic and in case of queries and confusion, you can ask them in the comment box, I will try to help you. At last, I want to wish you a good luck for getting approval in Toptal and don’t forget to share how you’ll be doing in Toptal.

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