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Media Nexus is a CPM advertising network with market of Arts, Fashion, Travel, Food and Style which has been succeed to establish a seamless relationship between advertisers and publishers. In this 'Media nexus review' post, we will go through 'Media nexus for publishers', 'Pros and cons of Media nexus', 'Payment methods, minimum payout and earning report of media nexus with a clear suggestion about either to join Media Nexus ad network or not.

pros and cons of media nexus ad network


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Media Nexus ad network for publishers

Media network is a good CPM ad network for small publishers as it doesn't mark a huge number of page views as the minimum requirement for getting approval. You need network needs at least 50% US traffic in order to monetize from site.

Pros of Media nexus ad network:

  • Real time report available
  • Technical support
  • Different ad formats available

Cons of Media nexus:

  • Low CPM
  • Very less ads (usually they show their own ads)

Payment methods of Media Nexus ad network:

  • Paypal
  • Wire transfer

Minimum payout of media nexus:

Paypal: $10
Wire transfer

Earning Report of Media Nexus:

I had tried Media Nexus for few days in one of my sites and the revenue I earned was average which couldn't meet the satisfactory level. Here's a screenshot of my earning report of few days in Media Nexus:

Should you join Media Nexus or not?

With the help of above mentioned pros and cons, you can conclude either to choose Media Nexus for your blog/site or not. While going through the overall review of Media nexus, it can be concluded that, Media nexus is an average typo ad network. If you are a small publisher, give it a try and if you are a big publisher then find other better ad networks. The weakest point about Media Nexus ad network is that ads are not usually available and during this time, they show their own ads and together with it, CPM rate is low, so take decision accordingly.

This is how, I tried my best to create a clear review of Media Nexus ad network and I hope I achieved what I was trying to do. If you have earlier experience with Media nexus, you are requested to share your experience in the comment box and even if you have any queries related to the topic, you can ask them in the comment box.

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