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Propeller Ads is today's emerging internet media company established in 2011. With the aim of creating strong bridge between publisher and advertiser, Propeller Ads is trying its best to become the world's most reliable digital advertising platform. In this review post of Propeller Ads, I will go through explanation for Propeller Ads for publishers, pros and cons of Propeller Ads, payment methods of Propeller ads and so on.


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Propeller Ads for Publishers:

Propeller Ads has been a trustworthy ad network for publishers through its ads and payment to publishers. Propeller Ads is CPM based ad network and pays a high rate for publishers who get traffic mostly from Europe, Canada, US, UK and such countries. But Propeller Ads has not always been good to all Publishers, there are found mixed type of reviews by publishers.

Ads format:

For desktop:
  • Pop-under ads
  • Banner ads
  • Direct ads

For mobile:
  • Dialogue ads
  • Interstitial ads

Pros of Propeller Ads Media:

  • No traffic restriction
  • Real-time reporting
  • Easy approval
  • Good Technical support
  • 100% fill rate

Cons of Propeller Ads:

  • Pop-up and Pop-under ads may harm user experience of your blog
  • For low quality traffic (traffic not from Europe, US, UK, Australia and so on), the ads are not properly managed and CPM rate is also low.

Payment methods of Propeller Ads:

  • Bank Wire
  • Payoneer Prepaid
  • Mastercard ®
  • Payoneer Global Bank Transfer
  • ePayments
  • Webmoney

Conclusion: Should you choose Propeller ad network or not?

You are the master of your blog and you have full control over it. It's you to determine either to place some ads or not but I can give you little suggestion. If your site is entertainment site and you get high quality traffic mostly, go for Propeller ads as you'll receive higher CPM on such sites through Propeller ads. And, if your site is a high quality site or if you receive low quality traffic usually then you'd better not choose Propeller Ads for your site.

In this way, I went through a complete review of Propeller ads with pros, cons, ads formats and payment methods on the basis of which you can take decision either to use this ad on your site or not. This is all about what I know about Propeller ads. In case of queries and feedback, use comment box.

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